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Dolmen mores Barrow AFC Skeletons and Portal t

Dolmen mores Barrow AFC Skeletons and Portal t


A dolmen, also known as a portal tomb, portal grave, or quoit,

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Prehistoric stone monuments called “dolmens” have been found over the graves of the dead in northwest Europe. Anthropologists speculate they have been ...

Faymore Dolmen, County Donegal

Dolmens of North Caucasus - Wikipedia

In addition, the term is occasionally used to describe more complex examples of megalithic architecture, such as the Almendres Cromlech in Portugal.

A dolmen, [aka a portal tomb, portal grave, or quoit] is a single-chamber megalithic tomb, with 3 or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal ...

Dolmen Irish megalithic portal dolmens by Martin Byrne Sacred Island

These few large sarsens are probably all that remains of a chambered long barrow, although the monument has also been described as a dolmen, cromlech, ...


Ballykeel Dolman, Co. Armagh, Ireland - photo by Steve Emerson

Brownshill Dolmen. Photo by Sarah777 (Creative Commons).

Stone-16 at Stonehenge.

Bougon Tumulus F

Front view of a dolmen. Its massive capstone is supported by standing stones to either

Dolmen of the Giants: The Mysterious Ronda Megaliths in Ancient Spain - YouTube

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Windmill Tump

Vedbæk mesolithic cemetery

Skeleton linked to Irish Viking king. Archaeologists suggest they may have found the remains of

Hetty Pegler's Tump

Sa Coveccada dolmen, Mores-Sardinia - Italy _ Built around 2000 BC.

More nonsense from Fritz Zimmerman. Even if the story is true, which is doubtful, 7 ft tall doesn't constitue a giant. And besides, what happened to these ...

Dolmen at Raklev, Røsnæs | Johan Thomas Lundbye | 1839 | Thorvaldsens Museum | CC0

Poulnabrone dolmen is classified as a portal tomb and one of the most famous and oldest Irish dolmens. There are approximately 174 dolmens in Ireland of wh

Poulnabrone dolmen by portal tomb in the limestone The Burren,County Clare, Ireland.

Dolmen de Menga burial ground was once filled with skeletons © Education Images / Getty Images

Hamangia culture - The Thinker of Hamangia, Neolithic Hamangia culture (c. 5250-

Long Stones (Beckhampton/Longstones Long Barrow/Avebury 17) (Long Barrow) on The Modern Antiquarian, the UK & Ireland's most popular megalithic community ...

A dolmen, also known as a portal tomb, portal grave or quoit, is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of two or more upright stones ...

See more. Netherlands. T-shaped Hunebed D27 in Borger-Odoorn, Netherlands :: Dolmen

Chambered long barrow - The chamber at the Great Dolmen of Zambujeiro in Évora, Portugal

Dolmen Pedra da Orca em Gouveia, Portugal

Dolman tomb ...

The Brownshill Dolmen is a megalithic portal tomb situated 3 km east of Carlow, in County Carlow, Ireland. It lies just off the regional road and is clearly ...

Dolmen de Sa Coveccada (Mores), Sardinia, Italy

At Bøgebakken in Vedbæk, near the graves from Gøngehusvej, over 20 skeletons were found dating to the Mesolithic period. Here a woman and small boy can be ...

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Black Death skeletons unearthed by Crossrail project

Korean Dolmens

Braincase anatomy

Dolmens ...

Funnelbeaker culture - Dolmen in Lancken-Granitz, one of about 1,000 preserved TRB burial

... to look ...

The Countless Stones (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Images

Meehambee Dolmen, Co Roscommon. The Meehambee Dolmen is a megalithic portal tomb dating from

Different types of skeleton. (A) Discodermia polymorpha, lithistid skeleton made of ectosomal discotriaenes and articulating choanosomal megascleres called ...

Vespasian's Camp and Blick Mead (Hillfort) — Images (click to view fullsize)


The Homo heidelbergensis Cranium 5, one of the most important discoveries; its nearly complete mandible was only found years later

Curious Stones dolmen, Gettysburg PA

A Dolmen structure set against a dramatic evening skyline. This is one of Ireland's most treasured ancient monuments built over 5000 years ago.

Homo heidelbergensis: Steinheim skull replica

Within the general dolmen category there are also some sites where the ingenuity and skill of the builders, in combination with boulders of particular ...

Trethevy Quoit, portal dolmen on Bodmin Moor near St. Cleer, Cornwall.


Hulbjerg Jættestue

Simple dolmen - Simple dolmen near Grevesmühlen

The site of Bedd Branwen by Eric Jones (Geograph).

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Rude Stone Monuments in All Countries, by James Fergusson


Dolmen from Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Woodcut from the article "Indiska fornsaker" by Hans Hildebrand.


The ancestral characters for skeleton are supposed to be spongin fibres and monaxon-diactines. Diactines have been lost in Myxospongiaep and Keratosap.

Uley Long Barrow - end chamber

Wayland's Smithy - Image: Wayland's Smithy entrance

Nordic Stone Age - Dolmens

Stoney Littleton Long Barrow - Image: Ammonite at Stoney Littleton Long Barrow