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Feriha and emir quotes Google Search Love of my life t

Feriha and emir quotes Google Search Love of my life t


"Ima ljubavi što su mogle protiv svijeta, ali nisu mogle protiv ponosa."

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47:Emir:I love you so much Feriha Sarrafoglu. Feriha:I love you to Emir Sarrafoglu.

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They both went through hell crossing over one hurdle to another

Har kisi ki khushi mai khush hona mujhe bht pasnad h. Find this Pin and more on Emir and Feriha ...

waoww nice quotee

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care .

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Feriha Emir

48:Door bell is ringing Feriha wakeup and see Emir's"I won't be late" She open the door aysen is there. Aysun:You.....are here.... of course yaa.

FEMIR FOREVER ❤ ❤ #femir#feriha #adiniferihakoydumemirinyolu#adiniferihakoydum

Ep46:Feriha:I am happy,Peace,I am mad,I am broken.Am in love. We are in really beautifull place.I wish this things hadn't happen and we were still here.

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Ep47:Feriha:I wish we always stayed here,in here we get old,our house in here. Emir:If we wanted why shouldn't ot happen. Feriha:We left lots of things ...

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Emir & Feriha

Friends Koray and Emir Hande and Feriha

Hazal kaya had said in her interview that AFK will end with a happy ending with finale episode 65.

Look your love won't leave you hungry,You get this girl,get her. Feriha:Don' t look like that.I cant do it. Emir:Stop,let me ...

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Feriha and Emir

Emir: Feriha, hope nothing's wrong? What's happening? Why people are afraid of me? Feriha: I swear I don't know, everyone is yelling "A bomb fell

Feriha:Hello Emir:I am instead of your building. Feriha:What?

Feriha ve Emir

Cağatay Ulusoy #cagatayulusoy #çağatayulusoy

Emir ve Feriha Sarrafoğlu.

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Feriha and Emir..I think they are the best TV couple.

Adini Feriha Koydum

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I would really love .. if some1 surprises me like dis

episode 32 Emir: it seems it became easy once you found your captain, to turn your back to us Feriha: don't you dare touch me. Because, you have no idea ...

Feriha is so glad to have her marriage book in her hand❤

episode 28 Emir: Who are you? Who are you feriha??? Feriha

1-First glimpse in Feriha's life .Emir's car collides with Feriha.

Feriha & Emir

Emir ve Feriha elele.

You fooled me again Emir(to Feriha): Go down

Magical Feriha Emir AT#1: "WillYouAlwaysCallMe Ashkim?" | 4496112 | Zindagi Channel Forum

Credit goes to creator for these creations .

“#HazalKaya #CagatayUlusoy #Femir #Feriha #Emir #AFK #AdiniFerihaKoydum #

#hazalkaya #cagatayulusoy #feriha #adınıferihakoydum”

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Zehra tries to stop her. Feriha now is not scared of anything. With Emir who is her life-line. With Koraye ,she is happy. Emir wants to wait for her outside ...


Feriha n emir Love so comment

It's Our Paradise, And I Our War Zone. #feriha #ferihayilmaz #ferihasarrafoglu


1st time when emir & feriha anger with each other

Feriha & Emir

Turkish Actors ...

Gulsum:Yes,I will stay you don't worry. Emir:Thank you. Feriha:What happen we're you go? Emir:Nothing,I have to do somethong.You thing about your ...

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feriha and emir quotes - Google Search

Emir y Feriha

Feriha ♥this serial



Episode 5-1 When Feriha enters the club and Emir is spell bound looking at her

Love u feriha 😍😍

Feriha Emir

never ever try to contact me. Find this Pin and more on feriha emir love ...

Adını Feriha Koydum

Episode 23--

“Emir & Feriha Adini Feriha Koydum 1.Bölüm #karasevda#calikusu #medcezir

Emir:I want to see you feriha.just for 10 minute...just 1 minute...even 10 seconds are enough. Feriha:Emir...don't be silly. Emir:I am waiting for you.

Emir Feriha

Cagatay Ulusoy

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Çağatay Ulusoy and Hazal kaya


Feriha a Emir ♥

i just loved it when emir told feriha that she only belongs to him.

Feriha: its not me Its not me

Aww Gunes+Emre(Emir) cuteee <333333

Cagatay Ulusoy, Sad, Novels, Couple. Find this Pin and more on emir and feriha ...

Hazal Kaya & Çağatay Ulusoy | Adını Feriha Koydum Set 2011/2012

Ep47:Emir:So right now I am going to eat foods that my wife made. Is it like that.Health into your hands it's really delicious. What happened. Feriha:What ...

Feriha: My love, a cheerful grin is in your face all day, what happened? Emir: Yes, I can't stop, since the day we made up, I feel so happy

Find this Pin and more on Feriha by anayakhan4847.

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Feriha AT#3 Cagatay's New Show Icerde-1st Epi.pg.47 (Page 6) | 4578824 | Zindagi Channel Forum

Emir: Thank you for being in my life. Feriha thinking: Thank you for loving me

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Emir wid the letter n feriha wid the ring ....it's horrible when 2 people love each other so much but just can't b together

MELEĞİM . #içerdemisin #Cagatayulusoy #çağatayulusoy #sarp #arasbulutiynemli #çetintekindor #bensusoral

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"I love Hazal a lot,She is very sweet & close to me,I am very lucky to get her as my first partner,I am sure her new series will be succussful"

Ep44:Feriha:canim should we talk Gulsum:Feriha please don't come

Emir couldn't stop himself from going to Feriha's house .Wanted to see the other side of the fence to understand Feriha .(38 )