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Fossilporn Fossil skeleton of Archelon a giant Cretaceous turtle

Fossilporn Fossil skeleton of Archelon a giant Cretaceous turtle


fossilporn: Fossil skeleton of Archelon, a giant Cretaceous turtle. Found in the Pierre Shale of South Dakota.

julia worldrhjuliaworldnet fossilporn fossil of archelon a cretaceous turtle rhpinterestcom fossilporn giant prehistoric snake skeleton fossil

animals, turtles, fossils, extinct - The largest species of prehistoric turtle weighed two tons.

Sarcosuchus Imperator Fossil I'm glad these things aren't alive anymore I could never swim if they were

Archelon ischyros - Volkswagen bus-sized Cretaceous turtle

Turtle Fossil | #Geology #GeologyPage #Fossil A Spectacular 50 Million Year old Fossil


fossilporn: “An Anhanguera Pterosaur (pterodactyl) skeleton at the North American Museum of Ancient Life. The Anhanguera lived during the Upper Cretaceous ...

“ Annual report of the New York Zoological Society ”

Recueil de divers oiseaux étrangers et peu communs. (Uniform: Sammlung verschiedener ausländischer und

TORTOISE Vintage Colour Photo Card ~ VGC

Fossil Turtle and Fish. Wyoming Miners Gems and Minerals

I have taken my children's and grandchildren's pictures looking face-to-face with this big "turtle"

Skeleton of Elephant Bird, Aepyornis maximus, the largest Malagasy fossil bird

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Trilobite Leviceraurus mammilloides - Ordovician, Lindsay Fm, Colborne, Ontario

skeleton. See more. dinosaur

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RARE Marble Ammonite Fossil Specimen from Russia


Sea Turtle

SABERTOOTH TIGER!! Smilodon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Fossils:Dinosauria, Pelycosaur Skeleton. Dimetrodon milleri. EarlyPermian. Moran Formation.

This Cretaceous elasmosaur was the first found west of the Rockies .

Our visit to Rancho Primicias, a giant Galápagos tortoise ranch on Santa Cruz Island.

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Glyptodon fossil (ancient Armadillo)

was a small reptile that existed in the Triassic period. It belonged to order Placodontia, a group which consisted of organisms that looked like turtles.

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today unveiled what appears to be the first truly semiaquatic dinosaur, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. New fossils of the massive Cretaceous-era predator reveal ...

Tortoises, Terrapins, and Turtles drawn from life.: Sowerby, James de Carle

fossilporn: RARE PRAYING MANTIS IN AMBERMantodea orderOligoceneLa Toca Mines, near Santiago, Dominican Republic

Europasaurus skull reconstruction

Exceptionally preserved fossil gives voice to ancient terror bird

giant prehistoric snake skeleton



Trionyx fossil, green river turtle with bite marks

Fossilized Tapir -- 47 Million years ago, when Europe was a tropical region -- Discovered in Messel, Germany -- Belonging to the Natural History Museum in ...

Ancient 'Super-Croc' Fossil Discovered in Museum Drawer

... sauropod dinosaurs, containing a single known species, Alamosaurus sanjuanensis, from the late Cretaceous Period of what is now southern North America.

[53122988] Fossil of a mollusc covered in fools gold (Central Texas) | FossilPorn | Pinterest | Gold, Fossil and Texas

[53122988] Fossil of a mollusc covered in fools gold (Central Texas) | FossilPorn | Pinterest | Gold, Fossil and Texas

Caudipteryx (which means "tail feather") is a genus of peacock-sized theropoddinosaurs that lived in the Aptian age of the early Cretaceous Period (about ...

[53122988] Fossil of a mollusc covered in fools gold (Central Texas) | FossilPorn | Pinterest | Gold, Fossil and Texas

quetzalcoatlus: largest known flying species (set aside largest pterosaur) in history.

(Deinocheirus mirificus): Deinocheirus was long thought of as a very mysterious dinosaur,

t-rex skeleton unearthed

It existed during the Maastrichtian age of the late Cretaceous period, between about 70 and 66 million ...

Fossil trilobite from Tahiri Museum. 15 days drilling and polishing to expose. Cost to

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Rugose coral Mississippian Monteagle limestone Overton County Tennessee [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Silurian Period Sea Acorpion (Eurypterus lacustris) Canada

AUTHENTICITY: This is an authentic historic print, published at the date stated above.

Fossil Amphibian with Larvae Sclerocephalus hauseri Permian Odernheim Pfatz, Germany

Paolo Viscardi on

Gastornis, a large flightless bird from the Eocene of Wyoming. Gastornis were very large

Love this morphology of the green turtle! He looks like a happy guy!

How Did This Giant Dragon Skull Land on a British Beach?

1852 Antique french mastodon skeleton by LyraNebulaPrints on Etsy, $23.95

fossil turtle


Cretaceous Leviathan The only known dinosaur adapted to life in water, Spinosaurus swam the rivers of North Africa a hundred million ye.

Twitter / JonathanMarcot: Jurassic dinosaurs from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science ...allosaurus attacking a stegosaurus

Petoskey stone is a rock and a fossil, often pebble-shaped, that is


Tsintaosaurus dinosaur, fossil skeleton

raptor fossil - Google Search

Middle Cretaceous Tegana Formation Kem Kem Basin, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Twitter brian switek: Majungasaurus is sick and tired of Rapetosaurus saying everything twice

Giant Ground Sloth fossil skeleton (Megatherium we think).

Earth's Earliest Gigantic and Bizarre Creatures

A fossil of Hyracotherium, or Eohippus, the dawn horse, found in the Green


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Psittacosaurus meileyingensis | Parrot Lizard Dinosaur | Cretaceous Dinosaur

Eusaurosphargis fossil. Triassic reptile mystery is solved.

The Natural History Museum's Diplodocus skeleton cast, known as Dippy, is installed at Dorset

Prehistoric marine reptile fossil has embryo inside - Polycotylus latippinus is a marine reptile which lived

[4575] fossil trilobite fossil phacops africanus from morocco

The skeleton of this triceratops at the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Hall of Paleontology is

Amecystis laevis

You are what you eat. Two ancient rhinos' diets.

USA signs contract to return dinosaur fossils to Mongolia | M.A.D. Mongolia Newswire

New Fossil Discovery - “Olive” A Primitive Horse Ancestor From The Green River Formation

90 best Fossils images on Pinterest | Dinosaur fossils, Dinosaurs and Extinct animals

Toutes les tailles | Carnotaurus in the "Dinosaur" rotunda | Flickr : partage de

protoceratops // Fossils

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Skull of a subadult Corythosaurus from the Dinosaur Park Formation in collections //Twitter /

Rugose coral Mississippian Monteagle limestone Overton County Tennessee [OC] [5184 x 3456] | FossilPorn | Pinterest

[53122988] Fossil of a mollusc covered in fools gold (Central Texas) | FossilPorn | Pinterest | Gold, Fossil and Texas

Giant-beaver-fieldmuseum - Field Museum of Natural History - Wikipedia, the free

Wooly Mammoth, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. © Mark Ryan

Famous Dinosaur Skeleton at the Museum of Natural History in New York. T rex

Laid the largest known eggs of any found, including those of dinosaurs. Lived on Madagascar until it's likely we scoffed their giant eggs.