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Fountains are tradition signature in old houses Aleppo Syria

Fountains are tradition signature in old houses Aleppo Syria


#fountains are tradition signature in old houses #Aleppo #Syria

Aleppo . Old house

aleppo traditional museum

Old house in aleppo

Visited this street when we took the bus from Damascus. hotel Beit al Wakeel. loved the courtyard grand house. Old streets - Aleppo City, Syria

Ajiqbash Mansion, Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo – Old Houses

Mandaloun Hotel - Old Aleppo - Syria

Old house in Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo | Syria

The ...

Syria - Aleppo - A Street with old houses

Ajikbash House036.JPG. Achibache House and Courtyard in Aleppo

DAMASCUS, SYRIA – It claims to be the world's oldest capital city, outlived only by Aleppo, Syria; and Jericho, on the West Bank. The proof is there, ...

Entrance to A mosque at al-moiz street in old cairo

Courtyard, Achikbache House, Aleppo, Syria *** Local Caption ***

Narrow street in the Christian quarter of Aleppo.

... Syrian House -Old Damscus; 11.

Beit Al Mamlouka is a boutique hotel in Damascus.

Beit Farhi, also called Beit al-Muallem

... Foto: Syria travel notes


Wreckage of Manbij in the wake of US coalition airstrikes, June 23, 2016 (

Ancient Citadel of Aleppo, Syria

Foto: Syria travel notes ...

... 10.

ISIS executes Syrian soldiers in ruins of ampitheater in Palmyra


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... Syrian House -Old Damscus; 12.

Syrian Houses

Aleppo and Its Majestic Citadel: Chilling Reports from the Current Civil War, and 14th Century Narratives by Ibn Batutta « Simerg – Insights from Around the ...

Beit Ghazaleh - Ġazaleh House Iwan in Aleppo (Postcard 1918-1922)

ISLAMIC ART IN THE MEDITERRANEAN Museum With No Frontiers: a new way to experience exhibitions ...

Besides those videos of murky origin we hear claims from two 'western' paid anti-Syrian propaganda organizations, the White Helmets and SAMS, ...

The courtyard of Beit Ghazaleh (December 2016)

The sun rises while smoke is pictured near Aleppo's historic citadel,

Fountain, Place d'Albertas, Aix en Provence, Provence, France

Foto: Syria travel notes ...

Second courtyard of Casa de la Libertad (Liberty House), former Assembly Hall of

Al-Waha: Its fountain is arid rather than spectacular, its stairs crumbling and

... 7.

Courtyard, prayer hall facade.

Clockwise from top left: Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles, Mansouri Great Mosque

Courtyard with a fountain of a Tulou round house, dirt round houses, adobe round

... the air and the stone.

... Foto: Syria travel notes

Sebil (fountain) [show article only]hover over links in text for more info


Syria's complex war has killed more than 270,000 people and displaced half the population (AFP

Delhi, India

I've never been a huge fan of the Romans -too tough and brutal - but I always admire their extraordinary building and engineering skills.

Syria travel notes

SSH - Kuwait Finance House Residential Tower, building design and construction supervision

The Citadel of Aleppo is a large medieval fortified palace in the centre of the old

Saint Elijah Cathedral, Aleppo - The church at the Farhat Square with the statue of

Ten Massive Fake News Stories Western Media Has Been Feeding You on Aleppo

The exterior of Schloss Loersfeld.

A Syrian boy sits with belongings he collected from the rubble of his house in Aleppo

... Syrian Opera Umayyad Mosque Azem Palace; 33.

Syrian Jewish communities of the United States - Image: Shlomo Ve Yaffa

Excavations have started again in 2010 and the exciting news is that a 2,200 years-old inscription has been uncovered, being the most comprehensive rental ...

The McDonnell Monument

Damascus travel guide - info,restaurants,prices,shopping,nightlife,festivals

The Ancient City of Palmyra, Syria

The Talisman's French owners have deliberately overlaid the traditional Syrian architecture with a ragbag of design elements: Indian trinkets hang beside ...

Treasure house of the Ottomans in the courtyard of the Umayyad-Mosque in Damascus,

Treasure house of the Ottomans in the courtyard of the Umayyad-Mosque in Damascus,

Kaiser Wilhelm II toured the Ottoman provinces of the holly land and Syria. His visit was photographically documented by the Armenian photographer Garabed ...

Forty Martyrs Cathedral - An early 17th century alley at the backside of the cathedral,

Al-Waha shopping arcade in Syria is a home to more than 1,000 refugees rather

Iranians snatch old Damascus real estate

Treasure house of the Ottomans in the courtyard of the Umayyad-Mosque in Damascus,

A popular pastime in this region.

Boys make their way through the rubble of damaged buildings in the rebel held area of

Foto: Syria travel notes Foto: Syria travel notes ...

Ancient Theatre of Bosra, Syria

Aleppo, Citadel, Palace of al-Malik al-Zâhir Ghâzî, wall fountain

... missing its feel and textures for there ...

Nobody ever pestered you to buy in Syria. Nor was there the tiresome business of haggling. You could wander around and please yourself whether ...

Grand Mosque, Aleppo Syria

Syrian men play cards at a cafe in the Mogambo neighbourhood on the government controlled side

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Displaced Iraqi

Grand Schemes

... 35.

The Tree of Life, Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, Budapest, Hungary. Sculpted by Imre Varga, the weeping willow bears the names of Hungarian Jews killed in ...

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United States, Alabama Civil Rights Sites. Old Ship A.M.E. Zion Church in Montgomery,


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