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I dont watch this show but i like the fanart P Anime t

I dont watch this show but i like the fanart P Anime t


RWBY - Weiss Schnee - is she a tsundere? I don't even know, I don't watch series…

25+ best ideas about Watch Rick And Morty on Pinterest | Rick and .

And that he wanted to hurl it at the person who took a hostage, but said if it didn't belong to them, it wouldn't be cool. All in all, if you don't like ...

I love Naruto, Bleach, AOT, SAO, and Fairy tale < <

My favorite ship

And this is why I love Hetalia so much. It's the best

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge- I love this show ❤

Fan Art Blog, I don't even watch this show [Follow me on

I got sucked into this show and I like it!) Naruto & Jiraiya, Master and student, one of my favorites scenes!

I don't own this art but props to the creator

How Gay-Themed South Park Fan Art Wound Up on the Show

Welcome to Reddit,

Moon-chan and Earth-chan Earth-chan Know Your Meme

SPOILER ALERT she's so powerful but now she is pregnant I don't know how

I am not here to play games by ZombiDJ on DeviantArt Don't Starve

there needs to be more darkness fanart. a quick google search revealed only two easily locatable original arts, and only ...

Fukumenkei Noise

You can't go back and change the past so look to the future and

absolutely loved the gotou and kyouko development. finally getting an actual look at what their dynamic is like is such a godsend, i feel like i could watch ...

Pirates Affiliated with a Straw Hat ...

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Draw Your Weapon and Your Shield


I have been a big fan of Manga and Anime for as long as I can remember. I always admired how the Japanese style of drawing cartoon characters was different ...

23. Attack on Spider by shamserg

The Best Dang Steven Universe Fan Art on the Internet Will Save Your Day - Dorkly Post

Love Live! Sunshine!! image via NIS America

The Night (Fan Animated)

The lion roars: how 'Voltron: Legendary Defender' revamped an anime classic | WIRED UK

[HDN] Smooth Moves by Men-dont-scream ...

He shows very little emotion but you can tell he feels things very deeply, especially the loss of his friends in the OVA, and his squad members.

When people talk about the current golden age of TV, they're usually referring to big, serious dramas like Breaking Bad or The Wire. I am here today to tell ...

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If you don't watch anime, I applaud you--this is like a whole different world, I imagine. (just a hint: shoujo is evil. But semi-necessary.

The God of High School

Snail's House - Pixel Galaxy (Official MV)

Gum Pistol by Neko-chan1997

... Syaro to work with her, she left a package of sweets with a note stating her wish instead of just saying it directly. This passive-aggressiveness and ...

EXO GROWL ANIME.. If this were a rl show id watch it hands down

Don't say I didn't warn you, but if you are planning to watch this my friend you need to have a pack of tissues ready, I like to think of this as ...

Well, it isn't, really. Simply put, watch the series if you like the combination of “magical girls and high-pitched plasma battles in the sky”…

The true core of the show is the relationship between Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse. One of the strongest bonds in modern fiction (artwork by ...

Watch Dragon Ball Z Online

Miraculous Ladybug 2D Trailer (2013)

Watch Black Clover Online

Each one of these characters at their core possess relatively simplistic traits, but depending on the series they do receive some good layering.

Shows You Love. Watch Fairy Tail Online. Fairy Tail

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari

While Rize tries to act like an average highschool student as much as she can, at times she displays an alarming level of ruthlessness.

HIDIVE also has translator notes throughout pointing out the not so obvious references like here. But if you look at the Crunchyroll version they have no ...

... like Cocoa is slowly taking over this role.

Chiya absolutely loves manzai comedy, and she ...

One Piece ...

Watch My Hero Academia Online

One Piece Avengers ...

Bob's Fan Art | Season 8 | BOB'S BURGERS

Literally, after watching this series I got to know how wonderful of a game, volleyball is

(This second picture is just cool fan art that I felt like throwing in)

Illustrator Reimagines Fast Food Mascots As Anime Characters And Now Everyone Wants To Read Their Manga

Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball) - Recommendations - MyAnimeList.net

Watch Assassination Classroom Online

Just as someone used to modern animation quality and techniques of anime might find anime from the pre-digital age too old, they might find the way the ...

Fan art One Piece by OsvaldoFerreira

These two pictures show you good anime in any genre you want. Feel free to ask any doubts you have.

... Don't mess with Ron by lionkyu

(Harry Potter) Anime

We Answer Your Burning Questions About the Return of Sailor Moon

You're in a unique position of being an anime fan, a voice actor, and an ADR director. How do all of these different roles impact your thoughts on dubs ...

alchemy not you

Roronoa Zoro ...

It cannot be classified as only a Sports anime because it has much more to offer. In fact, I'd say Baseball isn't the main focus here at all; ...

But it's the emotional versatility of the series that really makes it stick in fans' minds. Everyone can pick the moments that ripped their hearts out.

These two pictures show you good anime in any genre you want. Feel free to ask any doubts you have.

ONE PIECE · :iconmaximovlorenzo:

#3 Wendy And Ronald Mcdonald


Not the first manga or anime I encountered, but certainly the one that's stuck with me the longest. Though to be fair in this case I started with the manga.

One Piece Summer 2010 ...

This one also isn't bad:

Ice Cream Fire by DarkAngelxVegeta ...

A fantasy-romance about a boy and a girl waking up to find they exchanged bodies and then they set off for a quest to meet each other.

Violence, gore, complex story lines, badass characters, this has got everything you want in your standard anime, made by the same guys who made " attack on ...

Alex Fierro

These are the main reasons I love Levi Ackerman. There are many more reasons but I don't want make this essay any longer.

Each member has unique, vicious, and supernatural fighting skills. Leo does not. All of them have years of training and experience. Leo does not.

The plot continues and by the time you finish the 37th episode (speaking of anime TV series), you'll still be running the story plot in your mind to make ...

Kuroko no Basket

... series and could losely be used to describe a “anime” for this suggestion. I honestly really like the first four episodes of the first season and can't ...

(Roleplay) #quote #anime #manga #kaneki #TokyoGhoulPics #TokyoGhoul #tokyoghoulre #ghoul #TGRP #TGRERPpic.twitter.com/i9MS1nmRCS

I guess most of Studio Ghibli movies fall in the mainstream and hold a place of high esteem and love (which they are most deserving of).

if you HATE drawing hands, watch this 😡