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I39m smart but also very stupid zodiac pisces t

I39m smart but also very stupid zodiac pisces t


My squad: The loneliest people (Cancer) are the kindest, the saddest people (Pisces) smile the brightest, and the most damaged people (Me, the Cap) are the ...

My older brother is a Capricorn, and I cannot express how many times he's asked me "do you understand what I'm saying?" Or "does that make sense?"

as much as I kinda want to disagree with that, I'm not denying it XD whoops

When the zodiac signs are insulted.

"Never"... do this to a Zodiac Sign. Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋

"you don't even care" stupid ass i care too much. Find this Pin and more on Pisces Zodiac ...

maybeh but then I actually don't because I love everyone and their perfect flaws .

pisces total me

Pisces and Aquarius- hey my bad flirting got me an amazing boyfriend so nyeh!

Well I can say mine isn't I have a Capricorn

Wow, that one really hit me hard...but I think it's super true. The second half anyway...I don't know about angel.

i'm really sorry... i'm very ...

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I think I definitely have the cancer response, since I am one, but I also have the Taurus response of "you don't understand!


How often do you think this? More here: http://zodiacspot.co/ | Zodiacs | Pinterest | Zodiac, Horoscopes and Zodiac horoscope

Aries and this could not be more true

I do make dumb jokes about it

Aaaand once again I'm smiling as I pin this.

Isn't this the truth. I'm always saying the same thing to · Pisces HoroscopePisces And ...

You wonder why I'm happy? Because I don't have the time to deal with negative things. I will do what I have to do to be happy, because I simply deserve it.

Dear Lord, please don't let my future spouse snore, I'm. Astrology ZodiacLeo ZodiacZodiac Signs GeminiAquarius And SagittariusPisces ...

Queen/princess zodiac signs I'm a powerful princess👑

Especially when someone has the complete wrong idea and there's no way to prove the truth because you can't talk to them. What a horrible turn of events.

I either absolutely care or I absolutely don't!

Reasons to love yourself (for the 12 Zodiac Signs) Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign

Signs most likely to fall in love with your sign #Zodiac

I'm a pisces and this is really true except a lot of people do call me "cute" but this defiantly what goes through my head.

I'm a Cap.....everything is right accept the messy kisser. That not true....;-)

I'm a libra. < < < taurus and exept of the outgoing and attractive things i can say it is right (idk if i'm attractive but I think not) (and idk if i'm a good ...

I'm out for intelectual stimulation constantly and a deep understanding about everything! Superficial is not me nor do I care for surface type anything!

This couldn't be more accurate!!!!!!! I'm a Leo! <— this is true for me but I'm a Scorpio

Pisces,i do get angry,im just good at hiding it-_-

A Pisces can tune into your deepest desires without You even mentioning them.

i'm not funny at all though

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100 percent accurate because I always change the subject when I'm uncomfortable.

{Aries} I am NOT immature and I know a Virgo and THEY are dirty minded

i guess since im considered the mom friend of the group

Pisces, It takes a lot to get me mad, and I'm not mad for long, but when I am I can be ruthless.

I'm most fucking brave NOT CALM AHHHHHHHH!

lol, I'm on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn so I must be secretly helping myself go on a killing spree - AEMIAE

Pisces | ENFP | Mermaid

True I'm kinda mean sometimes but if I'm CRUEL you know some really bad shit happened and im fed up

12 Zodiac Signs 1 good & bad thing about each sign. Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign

Pisces are super nostalgic. A familiar song or smell will always bring a Pisces right. Pisces And AquariusZodiac ...

I'm scared they won't be satisfied, so I never rest More. Zodiac TaurusCapricorn And ...

I'm a pisces so let me think.... 1..2.. oh wait no ... 0 definately 0

So is knowing the most random crazy things.

Pisces Zodiac February March t shirt born t-shirt women girl

I've been prone to cause slight hurricane's and movement of large objects through the


Zodiac - Things People Don't Know About Us.I'm a Sagittarius and let me tell you, I daydreams ALOT. So this is accurate on my part.

zodiac sign as a holiday - Google Search

Yea, I'm not doing that, I'm a Pisces. It's

At my age, I listen to my inner self.

Zodiac Pisces Facts. For more zodiac fun facts, click here.

Zodiac signs And I'm cusp born Libra and Scorpio. So I will avoid/ignore you until you manage to piss me off so much that I eat your face off.

Im a Capricorn...all I do is laze around and do nothing, sooooo

Dude my friend is a Gemini and she practically says "lovely" to everything

yeah , people move away from me when i'm mad but I usually don't get mad often but when I do. Watch out


Scorpio the Scorpion (October 23 - November Scorpio is the Eighth Sign of the Zodiac. and those born under this Sign are unafraid of either,.

the signs as tumblr - Google Search

I'm street smart, book smart, and people smart.

Netflix is right but also im with Pisces xDDD im not allowed to date yet but i secretly might c-c

Ohmygod That's My Life Exactly Dude !!

I'm not certain what it is, but I have always been extremely reclusive in areas involved with emotions.

Wow that is deeeeeep but tru aries


you can't tell me this isn't true, i'm pisces and this is a 100 percent right

Compatibility Signs with Aries. I'm with a Sagittarius now = COMPATIBLE I WAS with a Cancer and Capricorn both INCOMPATIBLE!!!

A humorous look at the dark side of Astrology and the negative traits of the Zodiac

Secrets of the Zodiac signs

It makes me really hurt inside when I say something but no one hears.

I'm not kinky but then again I'm 11

Was best friends with a Leo, and I'm related to/with an Aquarius.

True tho

Aries Taurus Gemini Virgo Scorpio and Aquarius.

Virgo isn't included in the first one so i'm adding it. Virgo is the moon

I get angry a lot, but most the time it's because I'm over protective to someone I care deeply about.

Having someone randomly start crying is so awkward. Especially if you don't know · Horoscope Signs SagittariusSagittarius And CapricornPisces ...

WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope! Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio,

Don't be an ungrateful taker. you'll miss me. I promise! Find this Pin and more on Pisces Zodiac ...

What the 12 Zodiac Signs Need to hear Leo

I'm a Gemini and I hate texting so apparently everybody in my contacts should be worried

Ummmm Aries too!!! I can go from Bach to Metallica to Kanye all in one day.

But it's fine because I'm aro-ace anyways.

It's the insult to my intelligence.

Do they think I'm stupid, unattractive, miserable-looking or boring?

I never freak out ;) you'll listen to very good music, whether

Deadpool Zodiac Signs < < <

I'm 10 Gemini and the boy I like is 100 libra

I'm Gemini and that's extremely accurate. <-Aquarius,Capricorn, and Libra are extremely accurate for me

Street smart vs book smart...Zodiac

Find this Pin and more on Zodiac signs by Alexis.

Kinda disagree cos I'm #Gemini and in my opinion that are the # · Zodiac Signs TaurusPisces ...

Libra- im not super intelligent but i am clumsy!

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