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Kekek hell yeah Kris you break down them sexy dance moves lt3

Kekek hell yeah Kris you break down them sexy dance moves lt3


Kris style

Xiumin - 160320 Exoplanet #2 - The EXO'luXion [dot] Credit: Mad Tea Party.

Reasons for why I like Wu Yi Fan.

Sexy Kai strikes again~!! His body is so hot~ I want him~!! keke LOVE YOU KAI

Kris of Exo.Hilarious yes he's handsome guys but I'm sorry this caption is too funny:)

Huang Zi Tao, Kris Wu, Exo Exo, Luhan, Otp, Chinos, Asian Guys, Google, Random

from the story Unexpectedly, Engaged. (EXO- Park Chanyeol Fanfic) by yeoliely (Sehunnie

Oh Kris I love you >. <



EXO Xiumin #exo #exok #exom #xiumin #chen #chanyeol #baekhyun

couple, exo and handsome image on We Heart It

I hope Kris reads all the comments on Instagram or Weibo or whatever and knows that

I love you more than love allows. — xingslove: xiumin + artificial love ↳ for.

keke teacher Kris is being such a troll~! keke Kris saw what you did there~!) keke aigo~ ...


EXO is going through so much right now. I believe in Kris in his decision, and I understand it hurts the other boys. But, as fans, we should support all ...

It says EXOSTAR on the helmet! His face, his hair and everything else is

How did he go from being sexy to super cute in like a nano second

7 Simple Workout Moves That Will Get You Sexy, Toned Arms In A Week (

[EXO-SEHO] Shipper's Dream - Wallpaper

kris knew it was his last performance with the members of exo.. this broke

oh-kkeapsong: “ G A L A X Y Chillin' in my galaxy world, waiting for you… So it was a tie between Channie and Kris, but I decided to go with Kris ...

Kris stop you're being such a bad boy❤ 😘🛑😍💋🔥💝😱😉💕😊👼😈👅😂🤴💪🏻👄💦

Kris bought Tao gucci, he already did it.took care of EXO M he's done with it~ ratatata swag gulls~! keke (guess the original song~)

keke~ Tao is being all sexy and hot until Kris comes up like "Oh~ i want that~ i want that panda right there~" kekeke yeah Kris he is all yours~~

Wu Yi Fan Canadian Chinese star Movie someplace only we know

Hot Sex Dance On Bed xxx 18++

at first i was like omg taoris feelz but then i was like what the hell is tao wearing XD

Ashe maree gifs - Album on Imgur | ashe | Pinterest | Gifs, Nude and Boobs

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Kris Creepin'

the difference between kyungsoo and chanyeol ~ haha hell yeah, hell no xd

keke Suho is like copying Zitao's dancing in growl then when Kris looked at Suho he is like "WTF are you doing?

This TaoRis picture is all good until you will notice one detail in this pic which is the numbers 6 & i thought of kekeke~! TaoRis~~ i watching you guys~~ ...

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yeah tao that's right don't give a f*** about them ;

Lay dances so sexy.

Xiumin cutie pie >u <

Kris: Let's get out of here. Suho: The kids? Kris: Kyungsoo's here, it's fine.

Kris for Kolon Sport

Glee Live

Cute wuyifan

yeah ... kris is a total catch lol

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exo kris xD

“ Anonymous asked you: I love all The Doctor/The Master doodles, it's so great.

Tao you can't leave EXO! I couldn't stand another one going :'(

exo with amber

You go boy!

exo kris- kris don't leave us! Dare this!

Kris Exo showtime lol I luv kris he is just so cute and adorable! <---- fuck yeah he is cute and adorable

keke well Kyungsoo~ if you want it~ you have to come get it~!) kekeke aigo~////leaving this xD I feel the same!

We see you girl!

Just think, there is a picture of yourself behind you literally watching your every move.

Kya~~~ Tao is going to get lucky kekeke >. < JK~ Tao & Lay looks & sounds sexy together TaoLay FTW~~~ my 2 bias of EXO in a room together! I TaoLay~

Aww~!! keke I wanna have a squishy too~ and i will name him D.O! keke or D.O will be my squishy~~ *hugs D.O* yehet~!! keke


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“ studio weibo update: Our warm boss Wu, is still working at the moment, but let us go to date

iOS camera image

I'm sexy and I know it. Isn't this from his new

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Aww~ Taozi~~ youre so sweet praising your duizhang~ keke~ and there is a hint that Tao loves Kris~~ keke yesh~ TaoRis is real~~

keke everything is good until you see D.O with handcuffs~ keke but wait~! Kai is sitting next to D.O~!! kekeke~ INTERESTING~~~~~ *winks*

XD #onew #taemin #LOL

EXO Call Me Baby MV dance HAHAHAHA Chen Suho Kai Chanyeol Baekhyun Xiumin Sehun

TLC Opens Up About Bankruptcy And Left Eye's Death in CrazySexyCool Biopic

Kai frickin slaying everything with his sexy dance moves

Kylie Jenner & Tgya Stop To Visit Kendall Jenner

Thank you Heather and Naya for Brittana

Photo collection of celebrity Naya Rivera, one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Naya Rivera is the American actress and singer who plays the cheerleader ...

Do kyungsoo sexy (gif)

Cool details on the pants.

It's really hard for me to get it into my head that these are full grown men and that they're not as smol and squishy and innocent as I like to think

Naya Rivera, this is my goal on the hair.

Manager says Fifth Harmony is the worst

The moment that you realize that Kris's hand is bigger than Kyungsoo's ...

He is fuvkin up them gloves, and looks soo ready to perform, and just UGHHH.

When D.O rises out from hell or When you walk into Lay room.

Suho Daddy can you buy me a Ferrari?

keke well Chanyeol i have no idea why are you tall then your family isnt~

Jennifer Love Hewitt Thinks You Have a Problem With Her. is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The 44 Hottest Jennifer Love Hewitt Pics of All Time

Naya Rivera poses for a portrait in New York

Naya Rivera

My heart broke

Omg this is hallarios and just haha I can't even

Jackson is a good role model in so many ways

080315: Exo for Nature Republic

Exo ♥ alright we get i the fact that y'all are beautiful and I

Aww~ Kris is proposing to Tao~!! keke I wish we could all

The Unholy Trinity

Him in Born Hater! Being funny as hell.

Xuimin and Kris dancing and Kris hugs him

keke these two are so cute~! gotta love TaoRis no matter what~! keke dont worry Tao we still ship you and your oppa~

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naya-rivera: ““Naya attends the Innovative Dutch Stroller Brand Joolz event celebrating Positive Design - March 2017 ” ”