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Otherwise known as Gooseberrys alz t Remedies Herbs

Otherwise known as Gooseberrys alz t Remedies Herbs


What Are Gooseberries? Also known ...

47 Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Natural Home Remedies) - Dr Heben

Amla, Indian Gooseberry = Powerful Superfood When I was a kid, this was one

A single Ayurvedic herbal remedy called Amla is one of the best anti-aging & overall rejuvenators you can take on a daily basis to detoxify your body.

Gooseberry (Amla) contains nearly 20 times vitamin C as orange juice

Indian Gooseberry Benefits for the Liver, Heart, Gut & Brain

The Amla fruit is considered to be so nutritious that the tree is worshiped in India from ancient times and is said to be nurturing mankind.

The Indian Gooseberry is known as Amla and Amalaki as well. It is used for many Ayurvedic home remedies. 5 gms of gooseberry mixed with 1 tbsp honey and ...

How to eat Indian Gooseberries/Amla/Nellikai

indian-gooseberry-for-frequent urination

Gooseberry vs. Grapes

Growing Gooseberries.

Amla, also known as amalika or Indian gooseberry, is an Indian Ayurvedic remedy that is gaining popularity in the Western world. It is also recognized under ...

9 Best Natural Remedies to Cure Brain Diseases (Dimaghi amraaz ka gharelo ilaj)

Thereby, increasing circulation and the oxygenation of organs and cells to maximize growth and regeneration of tissues. It also keeps the blood vessels and ...

Amla Extract

Gooseberry | Alan Buckingham, via Flickr

Gooseberries Nutrition Facts

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... even though it has just medium-sized fruit, still is one of the biggest of the American cultivars. The berries are usually red and also great in quality ...

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10 healing herbs that are simple to use and find for the home medicine cabinet.


Amalaki or Phyllanthus emblica, also known as Emblica officinalis, emblic, emblic myrobalan, myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Malacca tree, ...

Herbal Remedies For Depression

Brahmi is an herbal remedy native to India. This perennial plant is used for various medical treatments. High in antioxidants, brahmi is also considered a ...

Indian gooseberry or amla, growing in the tropics and subtropics is a nutrient loaded fruit and is another effective remedy for fatty liver disease.

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Amla-Indian gooseberry HomeRemedies9



Fariah was 25 and had been married for three years. At 5 feet 2 inches, she weighed 76 kgs (clearly overweight for her height.) She showed all the classical ...


The Rise of PCOS and its Treatment through Ayurvedic Methods

The Indian gooseberry, more commonly known as Amla is one of the most nutritive and best forms of home remedies for PCOS.

#Alzheimer's #disease (AD) is a #chronic #neurodegenerative disease which can be categorized under the umbrella term 'Dementia' --- that is, ...

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Gooseberry juice has great strength to replenish your lost energy source. The presence of antioxidants like vitamin C is one of main factors of sourcing ...


Indian Gooseberry Balancing Healthy Blood Sugar Levels


home remedies for sleep apnea


Tulsi, or Holy Basil as it's known outside India, has always been a centerpiece of almost every Indian household. Be it because of its religious or cultural ...

Medicinal Herbs for Parkinson's Disease

Indian Gooseberry

acid reflux treatment in ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, regular consumption of amla can help us live for more than 100 years. Some of the common amla benefits for health include:

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Tinospora cordifolia (Heart-leaved moonseed)

Hypertension Herb Ashwagandha

Home Remedies For Diabetes Mellitus

Amla is one of the richest sources of vitamin C.

lemon balm for hyperthyroidism

7. Guava Leaves

If you also have been recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, just take the help of the herb bugleweed to treat hyperthyroidism.

Emblica officinalis (Indian gooseberry)

Indian Gooseberry

Health•Home Remedies

Top herbs and spices - Dr. Axe

Ashwagandha is commonly known as "Indian Ginseng", or "Gooseberry". It is an herb of great medicinal and aesthetic value. In the Ayurvedic system of ...

To tackle hyperthyroidism, you must bring in some changes in your diet as only home remedies for hyperthyroidism will not be enough to give you instant ...

Healing Herbs and Medicinal Plants List


Tribulus Terrestris (Puncture Vine) - Gokshura (Gokhru)


Gooseberries are an excellent source of dietary fiber.


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Heartburn Remedies To Support Healing

Indian gooseberry is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. When mixed with bitter gourd juice, its efficacy manifolds, and it can prove to be a highly ...

indian gooseberry for bed wetting