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Paladin have gun will travel This was the man of my dreams

Paladin have gun will travel This was the man of my dreams


Have Gun Will Travel: The Complete Series

"Alice" is an episode of Have Gun - Will Travel starring Richard Boone, Jena Engstrom, and Richard Shannon. A daughter hires Paladin to help her look for an ...

Richard Boone of "Have Gun, Will Travel" May ...

paladin have gun will travel - This was the man of my dreams!

Have Gun - Will Travel Featuring Richard Boone 8x10 Promo…

Have Gun Will Travel Richard Boone

The Hanging of Roy Carter Poster

Have gun will travel reads the card of a man..... -

Richard Boone (Paladin) Have Gun - Will Travel

Richard Boone as Paladin in Have Gun - Will Travel.never missed this series, stayed glued to the tv each week.

Have Gun Will Travel: The Sixth and Final Season, Vol. 1

'Have Gun Will Travel: Season 5, Volume 1': More Adventures of the Literate Gunslinger - PopMatters

Man Called Paladin, Robertson, 1st ed, Knight Without Armor Have Gun Will Travel

Cast Photo

Dell Comics' “Have Gun–Will Travel”

TRAVEL. Richard Boone as Paladin in 'Shadow of a Man' looks off into

A Man Called Paladin (1963, by Frank G. Robertson) ...Buy this book

Have Gun - Will Travel

Have Gun -- Will Travel, with Richard Boone in the title role as gunslinger for hire Paladin, was one of the most popular westerns of the late 1950s and is ...

In character as "Paladin" and lovesick gold prospector "Buddy Webster," Richard

In this episode, Paladin is transporting a man named Blandings accused of theft. At a ferry waystation, they are taken prisoner ...

"Have Gun Will Travel reads the card of a man. A knight without armor

The Character called: Paladin

Richard Boone as Paladin in "Have Gun Will Travel".

Paladin from "Have Gun Will Travel" (by Damion ...


Amazon.com: Have Gun Will Travel: The Complete Series: Have Gun Will Travel: Movies & TV

1873 Colt Single Action Army Used by Paladin (Richard Boone) in the TV western series Have Gun Will Travel. Currently on display at the Buffalo Bill ...

Saturday Morning Comics~Have Gun, Will Travel "Fight For the River"

But Paladin is not your run-of-the-mill gunfighter. He is a man of refinement, dressing foppishly in a ruffled shirt and smoking jacket when lounging in his ...

Have Gun Will Travel Cast

TRAVEL. Richard Boone as Paladin in 'Shadow of a Man', from the

He puts up a surprisingly good fight but Paladin beats the crap out of him eventually and breaks a mirror in the process.

The Walking Years Poster

art by Alberto Giolitti

Comic Book Short Story~ Paladin in "The Escort". from Have Gun, Will Travel ...

Paladin is hired to find Ben Huttner, illegitimate son and sole heir of a $5 million estate.

Have Gun Will Travel 4x01 The Fatalist

Tong was a Chinese-American actor from San Francisco about whom not much is known, other than his role as Hey Boy on Have Gun and his many appearances, ...

After an acting appearance on the CBS-TV series, "Have Gun-Will Travel," Johnny wrote and sang the theme song, "The Ballad of Paladin.

The opening musical theme and title sequence is one of the least compelling in 1960s television. The halting, highly dramatic instrumental theme was ...

Lisa Lu

Amazon.com: Have Gun Will Travel - The First Three Seasons: Richard Boone, Sean McClory, Mike Kellin, Perry Cook, Jim Kline, Robert Cabal, Don Keefer, ...

A knight without armor in a savage land — Saluting erudite tough guy Richard Boone

Contemporary Paladin Business Card Mold Business Card Ideas

Dream Girl Poster. "Dream Girl" is an episode of Have Gun - Will Travel ...

Have Gun-Will Travel ("Episode In Laredo")

The High Graders Poster. Paladin's suspicions are ...


Have Gun Will Travel: Season 5, Volume 1

There is a vaguely funny sequence where Paladin teaches her the best way to please a man. She says something, he points out that a "real" woman wouldn't say ...

10 dandy facts about 'Have Gun - Will Travel'

Paladin's captor gives him some advice on gunfighting, including cutting off half his holster and letting it stiffen by soaking the leather and then drying ...

story by Paul S. Newman, art by Giovanni Ticci and Alberto Giolitti

The Lady of the Fifth Moon Poster

Based ...

Paladin in "The Map to Nowhere". from Have Gun, Will Travel ...

From Have Gun, Will Travel #9 (April-June 1961)

HAVE GUN – WILL TRAVEL. CBS, 1957-1963. 225 30 minute episodes. Richard Boone (Paladin), Kam Tong (Hey Boy). Created by Herb Meadow and Sam Rolfe.

The Rifleman: Boxed Set Collection 6

Only a true gentleman gunfighter can get 9/10 on this 'Have Gun - Will Travel' quiz

Have Gun – Will Travel - Richard Boone as Paladin

Back in the present, Roderick is so impressed that he gives Paladin the name of the person who "hired" him. Paladin gives Roderick back his gun as a gesture ...

Have Gun Will Travel - Thirteen Miles to Empty - Suburban Home Records

Have Gun-Will Travel " Playing With Loaded Dice "

Roger Clyne Singer for Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers

Have Gun - Will Travel Episode Guide

Have Gun, Will Travel

I saw my first Gene Autry movie, Guns and Guitars, on my fifth birthday. I was hooked, and I knew right then I wanted to be a singing cowboy like Gene.

TV Westerns 3D Shadow

It looks like classic TV Westerns "Have Gun -- Will Travel" and "The Rifleman" might be on their way back to screens. Any chance the 30-minute drama might ...

emf-boonepaladin. As a Have Gun Will Travel ...

It's probably best to steer clear of menacing gun totin' kidnapper "John Fain,

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The cover of Richard Boone: A Knight Without Armor in a Savage Land, written

Have Gun Will Travel~ "The Indian Heir"

With cigarette in hand, Richard Boone takes a break on the set of the popular Western series “Have Gun–Will Travel” circa 1961. The show was either No.

... for six seasons and 225 half-hour episodes, big, mean-looking Richard Boone played Paladin, gentleman gun-for-hire in CBS' Have Gun - Will Travel.

Norge offers to destroy Paladin's gambling debts if Paladin rids him of a troublesome gunfighter, Smoke. Smoke is protecting Delta Valley, ...

... in black as the mysterious, erudite gunfighter known only as Paladin, Richard Boone bends over a camera rig during filming of “Have Gun — Will Travel,” ...

A knight without armor in a savage land — Saluting erudite tough guy Richard Boone

Have Gun Will Travel -- Wolf in Shepherds Clothes (with lyrics)

Lydia, played by "Hey, It's That Woman!" Kathie Browne, shows up. And that's the first problem. Even with her hair up in a bun and slightly bushy eyebrows ...

Our second nominee, Have Gun - Will Travel (1957-1963), was in its second season at Emmy time. If you are going to write about a Knight of the Plain, ...

Hal Needham Picture

Laredo ...

And Paladin taunts Clyde into charging at him and trips him into a water trough. Throughout all of this, Thad is "defending" Lydia, who is clearly ...

Richard Boone and Christine White in a 1958 episode

James Best

Amazingly, I did grow up to be the one bringing hope and help! And, my dream of speaking around the world: Have Mouth, Will Travel was a reality.

Have Space Suit—Will Travel

... sense of right and wrong, and he would stand up to the rich and powerful in his mission. He was in fact, a Paladin in the literal sense of the word.

... episode of the final season of HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, "Genesis" aired on September 15, 1962 and (surprisingly) told the origin of the man called Paladin.

When they arrive in Bender, Paladin learns that the dead man's sister, Amy (a dark-haired Angie Dickinson), has been "stirring the pot" for a lynching.

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