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Dictionary_of_Contemporary_Slang.pdf | Lysergic Acid Diethylamide | Slang

Head louse Meaning

27 Words That Used To Mean Something Totally Different

Aronoff, Mark (1976): Word Formation in Generative Grammar. Massachussetts: The MIT Press | Morphology (Linguistics) | Phonology


... Phthiraptera_Pediculidae_Body louse · Phthiraptera_Pthiridae_Crab louse · Phthiraptera_Haematopinidae_Hog louse · Phthiraptera_Phthiridae_Crab louse

Planar shapes, plane figures: Two dimensional shape terms | Botany word of the day

Medical Parasitology, A Self Instructional Text 6th Edition | Diseases And Disorders | Medical Specialties

Acacia koa with phyllode between the branch and the compound leaves

House dust mite

Turkmence-Ingilizce Ingilizce-Turkmence Dictionary Sozluk | Bracket | English Language

Andromonoecious: With male and bisexual or perfect flowers on the same plant. | Botany word of the day

The meaning of the terms: pinna, pinnule, pinnulet

Mesotonic: A type of growth where the shoots nearest the middle of the stem shows the greatest development. | Botany word of the day

Indusium: Tissue covering the sorus of a fern or a pollen cup | Botany word of the day

Cordate: Heart shaped with the notch at the base. | Botany word of the day

sophisticated words swear

Ward, Henshaw. 1927. Charles Darwin: The man and his warfare. London: John Murray.

Beef steak

Decurrent: When the base of a leaf continues for a distance along the stem.

Cypsela: A small and dry, one seeded fruit

Funnelform: Flower shape with the corolla tube gradually widening upwards | Botany word of the day

Palmatisect:Hand shaped with the lobes almost to the leaf base. | Botany word of the day

Entomophily: Pollination by insects.

Tepal: petals and sepals of a flower look almost identical | Botany word of the day

Trimerous: Having the flower parts in threes

Metatron Cube Meaning

Metrosideros fulgens

Flower: The structure in Angiosperms concerned with sexual reproduction. | Botany word of the day

Decussate: Leaves that are opposite with successive pairs crossing at right angles.

Pinnatisect: Pinnately lobed or divided, extending almost to the mid rib .

Penninerved: Having veins or nerves that branch pinnately

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