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QuotGulkada means place of flowersIt use to be called Butkara place of

QuotGulkada means place of flowersIt use to be called Butkara place of


Butkara 2nd cent AD

King Ashoka visits Ramagrama, to take relics of the Buddha from the Nagas, but he failed, the Nagas being too powerful. Southern gateway, Stupa 1, ...


Butkara Stupa butkara stupa

Buddha walking on water - An inscription on the southern gate says that the Toranas were carved by ivory carvers of Vidisha. There are four such carved ...

Some early inscriptions, dated 1078 and 1090, have implied that the Hoysalas of Mysore were also the descendants of the original Yadava clan, by referring ...

Emperor Ashoka and his Queen at the Deer Park. Sanchi relief.

20. Stone relief of ...

Butkara, Swat, Pakistan. 2nd cent. BCE

Enigma Iron Pillar of Delhi. As we know, iron rusts. This pillar is made of iron and has for 1600 years has defeated corrosion of any kind.

Period of greatest prosperity in Gandhara; new Buddhist sacred sites are founded and older ones are greatly expanded. Most Gandharan Buddhist iconic ...

This gives us such a false view of antiquity, which was a bright and colourful place, in Athens as much as India.

23 incredible lost wonders of the world. Wonders Of The WorldPlaces ...

World Unesco Heritage Site - Hampi - Narasimha Temple | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Buddhist history Takh e bhi Peshawar Pakistan

Art in the Post-Mauryan Period - Informative & researched article on Art in the Post-Mauryan Period from Indianetzone, the largest free encyclopedia on ...

These venerable men contributed greatly to spreading Islam in this area. The saints & shrines of Multan have been attracting a large number of devotees all ...

Chandragupta ...

Brhadisvara Temple: Form and Meaning

Peshawar derives its name from a sanskrit word “Pushpapura” which means town of flowers. Peshawar's flowers were mentioned even in Mughal Emperor Babur's ...

Viking Kara

Morning proceed to visit Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali JInnah then visit Karachi National Museum, Mohata Palace, Memon Mosque and Zaib-u-Nisa ...

Part I. Taj Mahal, at Agra, was built by Shah Jahan, both as a memorial and resting place for his favorite wife, Arjumand Banu Begum. She was also known as ...

Afghanistan - The Friday Mosque of Herat is one of the oldest mosques in Afghanistan.

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Taxila, Pakistan

Taxila is 40 kms away from Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan, was once the seat of Oriental civilization. In 6th century B.C, It was first talked about ...

Asokan pillar at Vaishali, Bihar, India. Build by Emperor Asoka in about 250 BC. Seeing an Ashokan pillar is on my wish list.

Eternally noble, eternally strong.

Fig.7 Buddhist monastery at Butkara (Mingora)

Gupta terra-cotta Mithuna, terra-cotta sculpture from India, Gupta period, 5th century ce; in the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

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Top of the Grand Stupa

Greco-Buddhist statue of standing Buddha, Gandhara (1st–2nd century), Tokyo National Museum

Frieze of stūpa 14. After Faccenna, Butkara 1, pl. 139-b, c. (Click to enlarge)

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File:Periplous of the Erythraean Sea.svg

Bas-relief of Phnom Kulen in Cambodia, IX century.Indra holds double-vajra, seated on a column.

Gözle dinlenen müzik: Tezyinat

Grey limestone, height including pedestal 94 cm, width of pedestal 49,5 cm, photograph by Jürgen Liepe, courtesy of Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, ...

Detail of Kushan costume. Gandhara.

Buddhist lion capital - The pillar (free standing) of Ashoka at Sarnath, India. The pillar is the most celebrated of all the Ashoka pillars, ...

vaca, Neelum Valley, Pakistan


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stone bust of Gandhara Buddha from the 1st-2nd century AD

Buddha and attendants, Mathuran style, 1st-early 2nd. Century CE. From Katra Keshavdev, Mathura, Madhya Pradesh, India Kushan period. Red sandstone, 27 ¼"

Argo has had nothing but peace for years so the idea of this being a murder attempt seems ludicrous to both Thara and Alura. But Kara knows, at least on ...

... northern (probably Gandharan) masons using Kharosthi marks, while the railings were made by masons exclusively using marks in the local Brahmi script.

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31. Vision Document for ...

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Episode 55

Imagination gets you places. I'm convinced that my three year old got so far up Jacobsen Preserve because for at least 50% of the hike she was “Princess ...

Kaghan Valley

Half-section of ...

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This picture shows the location of the Ganges river, in India.


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俺聊佛教(五)----毗卢遮那佛 -

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The Butkara stupa was reinforced and decorated from the Indo-Greek period on.


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Pictures Marghzar Water Flowers (Ikram Elahi 0301-8220555)

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Designation: Bodhisattva seated in meditation Date: approx. Medium: Schist Place of Origin: Pakistan

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Head of a Gaul or Barbarian century, Stucco. Monastery of Tapa-Kalan, Hadda, a major Greco-Buddhist site in ancient Gandhara, near the Khyber Pass ...


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