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Rod n lures Vintage Fishing Tackle t

Rod n lures Vintage Fishing Tackle t


antique and vintage fishing (link broken)

Myhre column - Tackle. Buy Now. Collecting old fishing ...

The Lure of Fishing

Vintage Antique Tackle Heddon Giant Vamp Wood Glass Eye Fishing Lure & Box Bait

#Jinx #Fishing #Lure w/Box http://dennisharper.lnf

Vacuum lure. No, I don't know why it's called ...

antique fishing lures, reels & tackle information site, Fishing Reels

Antique fishing tackle-antique fly rod

Vintage fishing lure antique heddon 300 creek chub tackle box lot old rare odd

We Are sharing 3 of the Top 10 Brand-New Bass Lures. Find this Pin and more on Antique Fishing ...

Shakespeare Baby Popper Lure w/Correct Box. Find this Pin and more on Old Fishing ...

antique and collectible fishing tackle. old lures, reels, and more, Fishing Reels

Antique and Early Fishing Lures - Chris Sandford

... Antique Wood Helin Flatfish SPS Fishing Lure ...

Abbey & Imbrie Fly Rod Lures - nice fly rod lures made by Abbey & Imbrie. All in EXCELLENT condition. 2 Plunker style sold ...

Vintage Dick Walker Fishing Rod and Reel - Chris Sandford

Fishing rod with reel, spoon baits, tackles and wobblers in box for catching or

Mike was born and raised locally. The Hilchey homestead was on Trumbull Parkway, but his dad, the late Weldon Hilchey made his living in rural Genesee ...


images about Vintage Fishing Tackle Lures, Tackle, Rods and .

World War 2 Era Plastic Lip Jitterbug. They aren't super valuable antique fishing lures.

by Johnston Lures

Special order color Creek Chub Dingbat ca. Find this Pin and more on Vintage Fishing Tackle ...

Fishing rod with reel, spoon baits, tackles and wobblers in box for catching or


Antique woodMoonlight Paw Paw Frog Fishing Lure Vintage Paw Paw Platypus 3500 Lure 1941 ...

Earth Alone (Earthrise Book 1. Fishing TackleBass FishingVintage Fishing LuresSaltwater ...

Vintage Heddon Bass-Oreno Lure, Glass Eyes, No. 973 RHA in original box. Mint

Father's day Vintage Fishing Tackle on Wood Background stock photo

Favorite Fishing Lures. Vintage Fishing LuresFishing ReelsFishing ...

heddon20frog.JPG (191798 bytes)

heddon20crack.JPG (190410 bytes)

hed2.jpg (49036 bytes)

Convert those old lures into money $$$

River ...

... Salmo Lures , 30 Gram , 2 are BGL , 2 are Silver , All 4 Lures are in Very Good Condition , Cards have some Marks on them. Priced at £28.00 Each.

Recommended Tackle for Redfish & Snook Fishing

The 50 Greatest Lures of All Time

Rat-L-Trap lure

The primary objectives of the NFLCC are to foster an awareness of fishing tackle collecting as a hobby and to assist members in the location, identification ...

antique fishing lures

The 5 Most Expensive Antique Lures in Existence


... Lot of 8 Vintage Helin F5 Flatfish Fly Rod Lures ...

Old fishing lures


Chippewa Bass Bait. / c. 1913

Vintage Stan Gibbs Lure, vintage fishing ...


Many of their lures were made of bone but have been bonejig2

The Thoren Minnow Chaser was an elaborate bait made by A.H. Thoren of Chicago around 1940. It was designed to mimic a fish chasing a fish, and ...

Wire Baits

... and trading of vintage fishing-related equipment. MiniCo


HeddonDowagiacMinnowGamefish.jpg (204730 bytes)

I have also been going through old boxes here to see if any strange stuff I have bought over the years might actually end up working.

Fishing tackle - fishing spinning, hooks and lures on darken wooden background.Top view

If you have antique fishing tackle or old lures that you are thinking about selling, please leave me your phone number, and I would be happy to call you at ...

antique fishing reels and old lures - i buy old lures! - randy's, Fishing

The Bullhead, made by Paw Paw Bait Co. of Paw Paw, Michigan, dates to the 1930s. The bait was short-lived - probably due to the difficulty in ...

Only available at Fishing Connection in different color patterns and on our E-store page in a few colors

Lures. Fishing Accesories · Line · Lures · Tackle Boxes

Frank's World Class Antique Shakespeare Fishing Tackle and Lure Collection | CustomMade.com - YouTube

Hardy St.George/John

Vintage fishing tackle with fishing rod and lures. On dark background Royalty Free Stock Images

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fl3 ...

slideshow-1 ...

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Tackle Supply Depot - Bass Fishing Shop For Fishing Tackle, Lures, Rods, Reels, and More!

Finding the Best Vintage Fishing Lures

Largemouth bass spinning rod and reel.

Mann's Giganticus 50+ deep diver

Lake X Lures | Fat Bastard - - Lake X Lures - Blue Ribbon Bait &

Step 5: Final rinse

Fishing Lures in tackle boxes with spinning rod and net stock photo

Best Fishing Bait

The wooden "Wotta Frog" was made by Paw Paw Bait Co. of Paw Paw, Mich., from the late 1930s all the way into the early 1960s.

... Heddon Big Bud Vintage 1960s Fishing Lure ...

Artificial Bait and Lures

... 12 Vintage Fishing Lures Bayou Boogies, Pico Perch and more ...

I can't tell you how many "piles" of rods like this I've seen before. Maybe there is something of value in it, but who can tell?

... and other antique fishing lures of the era. hed10.jpg (34194 bytes)

The Aqua-bat is another unique old school bait. The lure has a compartment under its lip where you insert a pellet. The pellet dissolves and emits a gas ...

Chesapeake Bait and Tackle

The "Punkinseed" was one of many famous baits from the Heddon company in Dowagiac, Michigan. The tall, shaped "seeds" made their debut in the late 1930s ...

Hardy Silex

... Lot of 20 Vintage Lures ...

Al Fishing Lure 6 Segment Swimbait Crankbait Hard Bait Slow 18g 10cm with 6# Fishing

antique fishing lures