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Windowless fuselage planes by CPI show panoramic views

Windowless fuselage planes by CPI show panoramic views




Windowless Plane

Wide-angle panoramic camera arrays arranged along the fuselage provide uninterupted 360 degree views.

Photoshop concerns windowless airplane


aircraft startup cobalt changes the course of flight design with valkyrie series ...

Windowless airplanes by CPI (4)

... IXION windowless jet features solar panels and offers panoramic views

10 Surreal Photos Of Air Traffic Around The World Took 2 Years To Capture

Windowless plane with panoramic view (presentation video):

Cross-section showing Display Panels and panoramic camera arrays.

designer ray mattison revives high-speed commercial flying with skreemr concept ...

XTI aircraft bring unparalleled travel flexibility by proposing the triton 600 ...


Less weight equals more fuel savings

Windowless airplanes by CPI (3)


Windowless plane to become a reality (Future Of Dubai)

... southwest airlines reveals new aircraft livery, airport branding and logo

Exterior view of an IXION windowless jet plane by French company Technicon Design (Source:

Though ...

... solar impulse 2 airplane flies around the world on just solar-power - now in

... ANA's star wars themed R2-D2 aircraft to take passengers far, far away


... DARPA ALASA program economically launches satellites into space

Individual display panels seamlessly arranged along the cabin walls.

The Future of Flying: Windowless Planes with Panoramic Views

Sneak Peaks of a New Electric Airplanes

The seat setup in a windowless plane

... New Windowless Aircraft Design Uses High Tech Displays Instead

The square-cornered windows became focal points of stress in the metal fuselage structure, especially with repeated cycles ...

Windowless planes: is this the future of flying?

Now, fly in a windowless plane


Boeing 737 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fake windows in the first class suite on an Emirates 777-300ER (Image:

Airbus cockpit without windows

Instead of traditional portholes, a British team is working on the first windowless jet that

Arch2O-Windowless-flight-slide-04. “

These Eco Lamps Also Grow Plants In Windowless Spaces

The new displays could give passengers dazzling views as they come in to land.

The aircraft is certified to FL510 (most airliners are certified to FL410) and is pressurized to provide a cabin altitude of just 4850 feet (most airliners ...

... to offer panoramic views to the world & bring passenger closer to nature. The entire plane won't be transparent just the front part of it will be.

Scientists Made a Working Invisibility Cloak (But There's a Catch)

Below is the picture of the Junkers 49, a research airplane from 1931 and one of the first to fly at an altitude where airliners cruise today.

fuselage structure

Laser projection mobile input device · Spectacular photos of thunderstorms at 37,000 feet captured by a pilot from cockpit

11 Clever Ways to Decorate a Windowless Room

In 10 Years Windowless Planes Will Give Pengers A Panoramic View

Does Kuwait Cobra Tower Exist?

By the late 1940s, larger piston-engined propeller-driven airliners had pressurized cabins, which allowed them to fly at higher altitudes, above most of the ...

... and went on to have a successful career. All subsequent jetliners have followed that formula, for the reasons indicated. Here is a later version, ...

Just ...


It would certainly be nice to travel in an aircraft with a windowless fuselage, but we would just have to wait and watch!

As well as giving passengers a far better view, the considerable weight saving from building

Infosys - Design of FUSELAGE Structures | Case Studies | Aerospace.

11 Clever Ways to Decorate a Windowless Room

Dream Chaser Image c.o.NASA

Nike Athlete's Plane Sky-High Plane Training Facility ...

We are sure they will make some fail-safe arrangements in the event of a software failure to show display. But yet, one has to be prepared for it.

The early 1950s saw the emergence of jet airliners, beginning with the DeHavilland Comet Mk. I, which, despite having a pressurized fuselage/cabin that flew ...


Solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 has completed its maiden flight in Payerne, Switzerland, moving a step closer towards a round-the-world voyage in ...

(PDF) Transcontinental Windowless Business Jet - Aerospace Vehicle Design

Wave is a surfer's house with a protruding windowless facade and a secret courtyard

Virgin Galactic spaceship crashes with two crew members in tow

A lot of work is still left as CPI is in negotiations with companies who will provide flexible OLED technologies for the Aerospace Industries.

Largest Model Railway In The World Is Now On Google Street View

“UFO” At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea

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La Compagnie launches business-only transatlantic flights

Here is the interior of a Ford Trimotor from the late 1920s:

Work In A Windowless Office? This Gadget Will Give You Natural Light

Fontus – A Self-Filling Water Bottle

DC-6 Fuselage section Akureyri Airport

But you won't see these on regular passenger airliners of the modern day, and you probably won't see them in the future. If you're lucky you may get ...

From bigger, faster and windowless planes to escape pods, pilotless cockpits & virtual reality

Awesome Intersection Design To Avoid Traffic Jams · Futuristic Electric Airplane Design

Foxconn Just Got Permission to Start Draining Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

Delicate Lights Made Of Real Dandelions By Takao Inoue


Air travel just got way cooler: 'windowless planes' feature panoramic views from the plane's exterior | abc7chicago.com

View in gallery Spike Aerospace S512 600x399 Spike Aerospace Supersonic Private Jets

... a three-dimensional view that makes it seem like they're flying through a beach, the Amazon rainforest, over Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower, ...

Spike Aerospace S-512 Jet | Gallery

Robin Ultralight: FUSELAGE Construction

Manufacturing cities on Mars