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Xlahainex some time ago someone asked me whether i39ll draw full

Xlahainex some time ago someone asked me whether i39ll draw full


xla-hainex: “ some time ago someone asked me whether i'll draw full design of Ronan's tattoo.

Having finished reading Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys for the second time in the course of a month—and if we're being honest, I think it was less than ...

xla-hainex: “i'm re-reading Harry Potter and i'm halfway through book six now and i wanted to draw Malfoy for ages already so ”

Image result for dragon age inquisition elven makeup

I found a #SevenDeadlySins of #TRC on tumblr #Gluttony #Kavinsky

my vision of a character from book series The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

xla-hainex: “took me a lot of time to stop playing dragon age and finally draw something lol ”

xla-hainex: “he's pissed ”

xla-hainex: the time for pynch has come.

Jiang from Kavinsky's Dream Pack by xla-hainex.tumblr.com The third in

charlie bowater on

Gwynbleidd and Zireael by xla-hainex

idk why this happened. someone has to take him to church, obviously. and

the raven boys ronan lynch → “Everything about him was a warning: If this snake bit you, you had no one to blame but yourself.

I'm russian.I'm studying Directing Animation in VGIK.I draw for fun!If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

merry christmas (follow on tumblr @ravenkingwonder)

xla-hainex: “ i thought i can draw something else, but it seems

Olgierd von Everec by xla-hainex

xla-hainex a commission of Ron Weasley for Patricia. thank you again for commissioning

Vigo Iason, my first Watcher, Pale Elf Druid from the White that Wends. Someone asked me if I could paint an updated version of my first PoE character ...


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how do i contact you if things go south? - … ok then

I love seeing someone else's head canon. Especially when they can draw as amazingly as xla-hainex can!!

i just like the whole “young solas whit this haircut” idea so much NEED

Eyes by Elena Tomas Bort, completed as part of Unit 3, Edexcel A Level Art at the Laude British School of Vila-real, Spain.

flockeinc: “ My precious cinnamon roll…. bc I wanted to draw Noah with skateboard and bc jehanly asked me to, hope you like it ”

greatmageclintbarton: A thing I drew of Gansey and Blue last week. I hesitated on

The Internet asked me about 600 times last night to make the sketch inside that book

batcii: i watched poa tonight and other than remembering how profoundly watchable that movie is i also remembered i haven't drawn remus as a stylised skinny ...

waricka: “not entirely satisfied with this one but hey then i have an excuse to draw genya again but i'm not sure if i'll have time to draw a lot this week? ...

xla-hainex: “somehow this ask got me thinking: what kind of size Kaz really cares about? the size of his stack of kruge. ” what an… unexpected source of ...

don't even ask me how this happened

I'm not sure whether to look at the drawing or the game theory video in the back xD

Hey guys, here's a warm up sketch. I'm not sure I'm “back” yet, and I apologize for not answering asks and emails. It's been a kind of shitty week, ...

xla-hainex: “ and one more of the giveaway prizes, Darkling from Grisha trilogy for i'm sorry it took so long, but i did it finally and i hope you like it!

my vision of a character from book series The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater Richard Campbell Gansey III

The amazing xla-hainex.tumblr.com is back at it again. Ronan

etaeternum: “ Maker help me. is a goddess. Please, commission this artist so that we can all have wonderful art like this. LOOK AT KING ALISTAIR!

darkelegance: “ xla-hainex: “ last one of the giveaway prizes, at last! i'm sorry it took so long, hope you like the result!

a character from book series The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater Blue Sargent

Drawn by the wonderfully talented Thank you so much for this! I haven't stopped squealing with excitement! I hope we can do this again sometime soon!

xla-hainex: Dirtyhands and his Wraith - Six of Crows

art-shit - Richard Campbell Gansey III in a nutshell happy.

xla-hainex: chihiro-okami: My commission from the amazingly talented xla-hainex! I love this snarky sniper dad! Thank you so much Maria, he's absolutely ...

If we never see or hear from what happened to Shepard. Then at least, it will be a memory that will last a lifetime for me.-Caedus Day is tomorrow.

xla-hainex: do not pay attention to Ronans clothes.

xla-hainex: i am obviously obsessed. full size

The Rovinsky Aesthetic from The Dream Thieves by the brilliant xla-hainex .tumblr.

My name is Aru (or Knight if you prefer) and I draw sometimes!

brightfallenstars: “Dorian with a ponytail! A loose hair sketch is up next. But woah this was so much fun to draw! Also some ear piercings because I think ...

Beautiful Ronan Lynch - many different hairstyles by the amazing artist xla-hainex on Tumblr

I need to draw more Six of Crows man. It's been like a year and I'm STILL recovering from the books. Also, I think I've finally figured out how to draw ...

Shit the Foxes said on talk shows 1/2

xla-hainex: Fenris

gabrielabirchal: “A sketchy Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows. If I get

xla-hainex: “i got carried away okay i know! ” I have seen this gorgeous fanart before and it never ceases to amaze me how rudely, sharply fucking handsome ...

2,263 mentions J'aime, 21 commentaires - John Halbach (@johnhalbach) sur

... is one of two drawings I made specifically to give to on her Language of Thorns tour (which was SO COOL). It's the first time I've drawn the whole gang, ...

Ronan is of opinion that dick jokes are always funny as long as he's the one telling them.] If you're wondering why Blue's so tall - she isn't.

Clementine von Radics, Mouthful of Forevers ” I had the immense pleasure of commissioning to draw my hot ...

been playing GTA 5 for the last month (or two?)

xla-hainex: “miss Granger ”

This is a fun, fast and effective bodyweight HIIT workout that will get your heart revved up and your muscles nice and toasty, all in under 20 minutes.

Life of a bookworm: Review: Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1

Grey Warden Surana by xla-hainex

Belatedly posting it here, but the sentiment remains the same Vivienne would prefer they brought back deer instead, but Cadash insists that Blackwall cooks ...

I was lucky to commission the very talented & amazing @xla-hainex. An artist I've admired for awhile. I asked for a portrait of my dear Commander Shepard ...

My good friend Zora, she was having a bad week back when I drew this

Yes I draw Qunari again, I love the Qunari and I hope in the "Inquisition" we will show the female race tal-vashoth. This time I did not draw her full ...

this was for an ask meme a while back!! Mahon compared to a snake

xla-hainex: “ replaying inquisition and actually playing female character (shock! can't romance Dorian all over again, that's a shame though inquisitor ...

Swan from Kavinsky's Dream Pack by xla-hainex.tumblr.com Love it! It's so interesting to see how other people think about other characters that aren't given ...

Once again I commissioned the amazingly talented for a dragon age portrait - this time of Nathaniel Howe. And once again i'm completely floored at how ...

I really like her with the full blown mohawk hmm | chdi | Pinterest | Mohawks, Characters and Anime

aymmichurros: “ me: i finally have my tablet back im gonna draw so many

Do I sound like that? #masseffect

Lighting and shading reference

I can't believe sarchengsey is canon, what a time to be alive. -I draw sometimes, but most times I panic;

... idea how i managed to draw this i must've been real deep in ronan pit when i did this :D in the next one, hands started to grow from the tree trunk

Yes, I am a nerd.

Fly Quote Tattoo Quote Says Quot Someday i 39 ll Fly

Male Human Humanoid Businessman Noble Mage White Hair Yellow Evil Eyes

Original Info : Hello everyone my name is Evie Frye and this is.

Inquisitor Lavellan by xla-hainex ...

xla-hainex: “ Kaz Brekker, bastard of the Barrel ”

I missed fenhawke today and wanted to draw them kissing. Things got out of hand

fenhawke gift I did long time ago for @moremarscarat . I'm truly in

... mental health. wanna say thank you to the people who ask me beforehand, i appreciate this. sadly, you're a minority and there's always people like this

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – A Season For Change | Geek and Sundry

xla-hainex: “ The links of the chain around his neck glittered a grin. He had a refugee's face, hollow-eyed and innocent.

siriusdraws: “ siriusdraws: “ one floor down, solas is making retching noises iron

merhelv: “ did a repaint of this old thing from about a year ago and i'm quite happy with my progress :^) ”

If Nav could convince Alahir to dress up, he'd probably look like this

Page 5788 of 5788 - Solas Thread - The Blanketfort - posted in Story, Campaign

Artist impression of Feanor but looks terrible like the Lord of House de Glas:

lothlenan: “ I won't let you walk the dinan'shiral alone. If it's because your soul is stained, then I will dye mine the same hue.

You should draw more cassandra! You draw her beautifully 😭

how to draw the gorillaz - Google Search

Little bull asks papa Bull if his horns will be like that one day~